Kurdistan-US Economic Ties

By Ari Besefki for KNC-NA 24th Annual Conference

It’s Often about Economic Interests

Let us acknowledge that Kurdistan Regional Government has made substantial progress in the past decade in attracting foreign investment to the region, and we congratulate all those involved on their success.

Improving economic and social ties between United States and Kurdistan is of vital importance for the long term stability and prosperity of Kurdistan. How we align our economic interests with that of the relevant powers, and how we manage these relationships will partly determine the prospects for Kurdistan going forward.

This cooperation should go beyond investment in the energy sector. As Kurdistan goes through the progressive stages in its development, continuous efforts have to be made to forge closer ties with US based companies from every industry.

The Kurdish communities in United States should be active in facilitating the formation of economic, cultural, and political ties between our people.


In consultation with the Kurdish community leadership in Dallas, we have established the Kurdish American Chamber of Commerce (KACC). KACC’s mission is to promote economic cooperation and encourage cultural exchanges between United Sates and Kurdistan. 

More specifically, KACC would like to encourage Kurds to visit United States and explore business opportunities. We will work to facilitate business investment in both directions, and I am confident that over time the Kurdish business community will have substantial investment in United States.

KACC will cooperate with interested organizations to promote Kurdistan as a great destination to visit. It’s through these repeated interactions that we can build lasting friendships between our people.

KACC plans to launch several initiatives, over time.

One initiative will be aimed at collecting accurate census data of Kurds living in United States; it’s crucial that we harness our collective voice. We would like to collect basic information from all Kurds. The data will be used to disseminate information relevant to them and to aggregate the contributions the Kurds make to their respective communities.  

Another initiative will be aimed at identifying and mentoring next generation of potential leaders who would be able to contribute to the Kurdish communities and the larger communities they live in. We would like to encourage all Kurds to be involved in their local and national politics, regardless of their political persuasion. More specifically, we would like to see them running for political offices. 

I believe we can forge lasting political and social ties through common economic interests.

Bjit Kurd o Kurdistan, and God bless United States of America. 

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