Kurdish National Congress of North America

Representing North American Kurds and striving for a unified Kurdistan since 1988

Who We Are

Kurdish National Congress of North America was one of the first nonprofit organization in North America geared towards the goal of a unified Kurdistan.

In July of 1988, a small committee was formed to arrange and organize a a Kurdish umbrella organization. The committee members were: Asad Khailany, Ibrahim Salih, Asfandiar Shukri, Ahmed Uthman, Jalal Shaban, Wafa Khorsheed, and Abdul Haleem Mostafa. With them, the first annual conference was set for August 1989.

Through years of dedication and care, KNCNA still stands as one of North America’s largest and oldest nonprofits dedicated to the Kurdish cause and the Kurdish Diaspora. In 2018, we celebrated 30 years of hard work, empowerment and unification.

Dr. Ibrahim Salih, KNCNA President
Dr. Asad Khailany, Founder of KNCNA

What We Do


We love seeing Kurdish people strive for their career and personal goals. and you can be sure, if you need us, we’ll be there every step of the way; whether its a shoutout, or something more specific.


Whether its engaging in the culture or engaging in politics, we will stand and fight for our right to be seen and heard.


We strive to create strong bonds between all Kurds in North America. Together, we can achieve our goals of a united Kurdish home.


Language, history, and culture. Being a part of the diaspora means we need to be vigilant not to lose these things. We do all we can to help give voice to Kurdish educators that can teach us all a thing or two about being Kurdish.


What would we be if we didn’t give back to our people and our homeland. One of the best ways to get to our goal of self-determination is to give back and financially uplift our people.


When Kurds are downtrodden, as we are on occasion, we will work tirelessly to be a reliable and determined ally and representative for our people in North America.

Our Blog

Biography and Obituary of Dr. Asad Khailany, Founder of KNCNA

We mourn the loss of Dr. Asad Khailany, who died on April 1, 2020 after a long illness in his home in Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA). He was one of the most distinguished Kurdish Representatives in the United States.

Historical Kurdish Biographies: Leyla Qasim and the Start of a Revolution

Born in Khanaqin to a Faylee Kurdish Family, Leyla Qasim (1952-1974) studied at the University of Baghdad, joined the KDP in 1970 and was executed by the Baath regime on May 12, 1974. She quickly became a symbol of the Kurdish struggle after her death.