Kurdistan Region: In the Crosshairs of Regional Hegemonic Interests Webinar

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Today, Kurds are once again at the crosshairs of the regional hegemonic powers’ interests as these regional powers attempt to carry out their expansionist agenda. In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Kurds have enjoyed semi-autonomy with a high degree of success since 1991 and have become more prosperous after the liberation of Iraq by the U.S. led coalition since. In Northeastern Syria, better known as Rojava, the Kurds have made significant gains in liberating their areas from Assad’s regime and ISIS.

In both of these Kurdish safe enclaves, in which Syria and Iraq and both either weak or failing, Turkey and Iran are taking advantage of this vacuum by expanding their influences with both landgrabs and malign activities. Turkey has been violating Iraq and Syria’s sovereignty in the name of going after terror groups with aerial and ground assaults. Iran has been advancing its outreach in Iraq, Syria, and across the region in competition to the Turkish and other regional players. Meanwhile, the two major hegemonic powers, U.S. and Russia, are also in the region and trying to balance the influence of these two regional powers, yet sometimes at the expense of the Kurds. 

So, what does Turkey really want to achieve in both Iraq and Syria? Equally, what does Iran want? What is the role of the U.S. foreign policy towards the Kurds in this region? More importantly, what do the Kurds want and how should they navigate through these turbulence?   During this event, such questions will be analyzed in details by these subject-matter experts and representatives of the region: Bayan Rahman, Dr. David Pollock, Wladimir van Wilgenburg, Giran Ozcan

Event is on Saturday, July 18th at 1pm EST.

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