Is the West in the Process of Producing a New Enemy to Humanity?

Can we say history repeats itself?  Let’s go back to 1950, when President Truman decided to withdraw US forces from Korea. There are still people who remember that juncture and what consequences had led to that decision. It turned the fate of mankind in Asia into a sort of hell for half of century, and all Asian continent into turmoil. More, that followed by the increase of Soviet involvement in the region and the empowerment of N. Korea militarily, Vietnam War, Cambodia civil war…etc.

Now, since president Obama’s withdrawal of major US forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, we have witnessed the flourish of Al-Qaeda and ISIS on military and ideology level. Similarly, on the political level, it opened the floor to Muslim brotherhood in Qatar and Turkey, to their involvement and destabilization of the Middle East & North Africa.

Moreover, it led the way to president Donald Trump’s withdrawal from Syria that gave way to the brutal incursion of Islamists militias backed by Turkey into Western Kurdistan (Syria) and Southern Kurdistan (Iraq). All people around the globe observed the inhuman treatment that had been committed by Turkey and Islamist militias.

The questions that impose itself: are we going to see a legitimate state ruled by lSIS and Al Qaada in the future in the Middle East and North Africa as we saw a legitimate communist power in Asia? Kurds proved to be the loyal boots on the ground to the western coalition in order to save humanity, religion minorities, and ethnic minorities in the region.

Both Southern Kurdistan (Iraq) and Western Kurdistan (Syria) regions were a safe heaven to Muslims, Christians and Yezidies, and even to coalition forces where they faced the least casualties. Kurds have been providing security to the entire region. Would Muslim Brotherhood displace communists for another century but in different part of the world?

Ihsan Efrini,

Independent Kurdish activist      

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