Letter to BDP

June 29, 2011

Dear Members of Parliament: 

Please accept our warmest congratulations on behalf of KNC- NA on the auspicious occasion of your collective victory in the June, 2011 elections. Indeed once again the Kurdish constituency has given you a thumping victory and demonstrated that they wish to elect their own genuine voices in Ankara. However, Turkey is yet far from being a model of democracy as six of your colleagues are still in prison, awaiting alleged investigation of conspiracy. The Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey (YSK) has adamantly rejected their application to be freed to join and serve in parliament. We hope progressive democratic forces in Turkey reassert their commitment to fundamental rights and values to free the imprisoned officials so that they take their rightful place along the rest of you in Turkish parliament to represent your constituency and their democratic demands.

We hope you can play an active role in the future constitutional debate and change, guaranteeing equal socio-cultural, political, and civil rights and protection for Kurds and other minorities in Anatolia where all the ethnic and religious minorities can flourish and co-exist in peace and harmony.

We wish all of you a successful and eventful term as MP of the Kurdish Constituency with more achievements in your public service in the future.

With warm regards,

For the board of directors 

Luqman Barwari, KNC-NA, PR Chair 

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