22nd Annual Conference: Division of Kurdistan: Its Impact on the Unity of Kurdish National Psyche

San Diego State University, San Diego CA   

June 4-6, 2010     

Friday, June 4th  

Introduction ~ Flag Raising Ceremony ~ Singing of the Kurdish

National Anthem: Ay Raqib

Panel: Youth Panel  

Moderator: Mr. Luqman Barwari  

Mr. Sarouj Aprahami – Armenian Youth Organization

Mr. Aprahami provided an overview of the activities of Armenian organizations in North America, including youth organizations. He discussed importance of retaining the language. A lively Q&A included focus on the similarities and differences between the

Armenian and Kurdish cultures in No. America as well as on Armenian organizations  in Diaspora and their relationship with the Armenian government.

Ms. Nuha Sarraj – Kurdish American Youth Organization (KAYO) and KYC

Ms. Sana Ameen – Kurdish American Youth Organization (KAYO) and KYC

Speaker: Mr. Nyma Ardalan

Mr. Ardalan discussed the recent Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Conference in Brussels. Mr. Ardalan presented a statement from Judge Ralph Fertig of Los Angeles, a human rights honoree at the Conference who was unable to attend the

Brussels event… (need to expand on this, incl “Human Rights

Law Project”)

KNC Affairs / Open Session  

Moderator: Mr. Tom Ver Ploeg

Treasurer’s Report:  Mr. Azad Moradian, KNC Treasurer

Q&A Panel – KNC Board of Directors

Please join us at 7:30PM for the Banquet & Awards Presentation Reservations required

Saturday, June 5th   

Registration/MC – Mrs. Soraya Fallah & Mr. Luqman Barwari

Welcome and Opening Remarks – Conference Committee Chair: Mr. Tom Ver Ploeg

Letters from Kurdish Organizations

Speaker: Mr. Azad Moradian – “Strategies and Tactics for a New Era”

Panel: Halabja/Anfal Committee  

Moderator: Dr. Kirmanj Gundi, Committee Chair

Mr. Ken McCallion, Attorney

Dr. Saman Shali, member

Mr. Mar’an Abdullah, member  

Mr. Mohammad Aziz, member

Panel: Challenges before the Kurdish national struggle  

Moderator: Mr. Issa Mossa

Mr. Nazmi Gur, Washington BDP Representative

A total of 6  Kurdish parties have been closed down by Turkish Government in the past 20 years and DTP was the last party that was closed down earlier in 2010, and  BDP is the current active Kurdish party and it il under tremendous pressure from Turkish authorities and  not without its share of legal troubles

Dr. Faraydon Rahmani, Greater Kurdish House of Toronto,


Kurdish House of Toronto has a diverse Board of Directors which includes   4 individual from Nothern Kurdistan, 4 from Southern Kurdistan and  3 from Eastern Kurdistan.

Mr. Norman Leonard, SDSU: “The factors that contribute to a sense of nation – linguistic and cultural and political unity (preservation), and personal identity as a Kurd”


Has started 9 community-based language schools. Preservation of language is critical. Need greater Internet access throughout Kurdistan, including and especially the universities.  

Dr. Faraydon Karim, “Past and emerging problems in Kurdistan”


Speaker: Dr. Kamal Artin  

                “The Impact of Partition, Behavior, Culture, and Trauma on Kurdistan”


Presidential Address – Dr. Kirmanj Gundi, KNC President

“Division of Kurdistan: Its Impact on the Unity of Kurdish National Psyche”


Panel: Kurdish Human Rights

Moderator: Ms. Soraya Fallah  

Dr. Kajal Rahmani,  “That was then, and This is now: A comparative study of systematic  

treatment of Kurds as second class citizens, and denials of their basic human rights  during 5 decades”

Mr. Ihsan Mostafa, Syrian occupied Kurdistan

Mr. Jaff Ghafoor, Iraqi occupied Kurdistan

Ms. Soraya Fallah, “Kurdish Human Rights in Iran”

Mr. Luqman Barwari, “Human rights violations and Kurdish initiative in Turkey”

Special Guest: Honourable Jim Kirgyannis—Member, Canadian


                          Halabja motion before the Canadian Parliament

Panel: Former KNC Presidents

Moderator: Dr. Kirmanj Gundi

Dr. Asad Khailani

Dr. Najmaldin Karim

Dr. Fouad Darwesh

Dr. Hikmat Fikrat

Dr. Saman Shali

Please join us to Please join us to watch a new documentary film:

             “More than the Mountains”

Sunday, June 6th

Election Committee: proposed changes to the Constitution

Moderator: Mr. Tom Ver Ploeg  

Mr. Gavan Azboy

Kirmanj Gundi

Election Committee:  

Counting the votes and announcement of the election of the new Board of Directors

Moderator: Mr. Tom Ver Ploeg  

Mr. Gavan Azboy

Dr. Kirmanj Gundi

Closing of the conference with “Ay Raqeeb”

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