Iranian Repressive Regime Continues its Brutality Against the People of Kurdistan

Once again the Iranian murderous regime has shown its bloody image to the world by executing five of our fellow Kurds from the Iranian occupied Kurdistan. 

Ever since the Iranian theocrats tightened their grip on power, they have been ruling the multi-ethnic Iran with an iron fist. Iranian authorities have been using all resources available to them to besmirch Kurdish activists as “enemies of God.” By epitomizing those who disagree with their sectarian ideologies as enemies of Islam, the Iranian theocrats have created a creed justifies their right to murder and persecute those who don’t follow their lead. By using the epithet of “anti-God” against Kurdish activists and accusing them of “endangering national security” the Iranian repressive regime has been murdering innocent people by way of using the most inhumane methods including public “stoning/hanging” of innocent Iranians including women. 

In recent days, on May 9, 2010, the callous and brutal Mullahs have executed five peace-loving Kurds, including Mr. Farzad Kamangar, Mr. Farhad Vakili, Mr. Ali Haydarian, Mr. Mahdi Eslamiyan, and Ms. Shirin Alamhooli for advocating democratic principles and promoting human rights. 

These innocent individuals had been accused of being “anti-God”, while they had been striving to reclaim the identity and rights that God had bestowed upon them—the same rights that have been taken away and suppressed by the Iranian regime.  

If the Iranian oppressive authorities believe that by murdering people they can strengthen their grip on power and continue to imprison the national rights of our people—they must realize that our people have been and will continue to struggle for their just national and democratic rights. Nothing could prevent our people from dreaming a day in which they are treated as equal and enjoy carrying the badge of their national identity. 

It is imperative that the Iranian multi-ethnic society is ruled by a more balanced Constitution where all ethnicities in Iran are equal before the law. Therefore, we ask the civilized world to act upon its moral conviction and prevent the Iranian mono-theocratic regime from violating the Kurdish national and democratic rights and stop murdering peace-loving activists. The world should not continue to look the other way and ignore the plight of our people in Iran.  

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