Zaynab Jalalian’s Letter to the world’s Conscience

The Kurdish woman, Ms. Zaynab Jalalian, who has been sentenced to death by the Iranian government, spends her remaining time at a prison in Sanandaj in Kurdistan-Iran. In the letter Ms. Jalalian secretly sent out on Friday, November 27, 2009, asks human/women’s rights activists to campaign on her behalf and support her. Below is her letter translated into English.


I am a twenty-seven year Kurdish woman who has been sentenced to death by the Iranian Judiciary authority for my political activities. After I was given death sentence last year I appealed and my case was reviewed by the Iranian High Court. The High Court sustained the lower court’s decision. I am under constant torture and humiliation. I was put on an orchestrated trial without a legal representation and after a few minutes I was sentenced to death. I don’t have a lawyer to defend me. The Court only dedicated a few minutes to my case. The Court told me that I was an “Enemy of God,” and in a short period of time all enemies of God would be hanged. All the judges in my trial voted for my execution.

I asked the Judge if I could say good-bye to my mother. He told me “shut up.” The Judge rejected my appeal and refused to let me to see my mother. Since I cannot defend myself, I ask all advocates and activists of human/women’s rights to campaign on my behalf and support me. I need your help.

Zaynab Jalalian

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