Historical Kurdish Biographies: Mikdad Midhad Badirkhan and “Kürdistan”

Mikdad Midhad Badirkhan

Today is the 122nd anniversary of the first ever Kurdish identity focused newspaper, ‘Kürdistan’. Started by Mikdad Midhad Badirkhan and his family in Cairo, Egypt on April 22, 1898. Badirkhan’s newspaper lasted from 1898-1902. The aim was to capture the attention of the Turkish sultan at the time, Abdulhamid II.

Badirkhan and his brothers

By mentioning the word “Kurd” many times, they were an active part of the evolution of Kurdish identity in the late 19th to early 20th century. Badirkhan and his family faced a hefty amount of backlash for their work in the advancement of the Kurdish cause in Turkey. But they were just getting started.

They were also a part of the Cemîyeta Tealîya Kurdistanê party established in 1918 in Turkey. Their aim was to create an independent Kurdistan state in eastern Turkey. Some of Badirkhan’s works has been translated by Hakan Ozoglu in his book, “Kurdish Notables and the Ottoman State: Evolving Identities, Competing Loyalties, and Shifting Boundaries” May this serve as encouragement to all Kurdish journalists to always strive for the truth.

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