Letter to Yuksel

Mr. Mehemet Yuksel

BDP representative 

Washington, DC

Date: December 27, 2012

Subject: Condolence Letter

Dear Mr. Yuksel,

Please accept this letter of condolence on behalf of Kurdish National Congress-North America (KNC-NA) board of directors. We are extremely sorry to hear about the immense loss of BDP parliament member Mr. Serafettinn Elçi. This letter is intended to pay our respect and convey our sadness in our nation’s loss. He was a big asset to the Kurdish nation.

Mr. Elçi was an effective Kurdish politician who served his nation for more than three decades to bring peace, democracy and equality to Turkey. He will be most remembered for his brave statement back in 1979 while he was a CHP cabinet member by saying, “he is a Kurd” that set off a massive political upheaval in Turkey. Soon after the September 12 military coup, Mr. Elçi was stripped of his political immunity and jailed for 27 months.

He may rest in peace.


Luqman Barwari


Board of Directors: Mr. Luqman Barwari, President; Mr. Ihsan Efrini, Vice President; Mrs. Shayee Khanaka, Secretar; Mr. Nyma Ardalan; Treasurer-USA; Mr. Issa Mosa, Treasurer-Canada; Dr. Kajal Rahmani, Education Committee; Mr. Sartip Kakaee, PR-Committee; Mr. Ahmed Binavi; Mr. Mehdi Recep 

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