Invite to 23rd Annual KNCNA Conference

March 1, 2011

Dear friend of Kurdistan,

As we are approaching the KNC 23rd Annual Conference, we would like to invite you to join us on April 29- 30, 2011 at Calgary, Canada. The theme of the conference, “Future of a United Kurdistan, One vs. Multiple States,” is chosen to lay out a platform of dialogue to touch upon the Kurdish national aspiration and form a viable strategy for a brighter future for Kurdistan to co-exist and prosper within the evolving Middle East.

The world map has been changing and continues to evolve. The current historical developments in the Middle East and North Africa are promising and present a golden opportunity for the Kurdish leaders, political and civic activists and organizations to organize their forces collectively for a better future of the Middle East and Kurdistan.

The Kurds have been denied their identity and have been subjected to annihilation, massacres, and ethnocide on their ancestral homeland by the ruling governments. In Kurdistan, poverty and illiteracy is still high; the Kurdish people are forced to assimilate and required to learn the state official language instead of their own mother tongue. As one stateless nation, the Kurds have been demanding change to end this systematic discrimination in multiple states.

For change to occur, a deep understanding of the past conflicts and active participation to solve them is essential. In our upcoming conference, we will discuss the history of Kurdistan and its division, the traumatic experiences, demographic changes and their impact on Kurdish politics, and the current political trends and human rights in the Middle East.

Your participation in the discussions would add great value to our deliberations. We invite you to attend the conference and participate in discussion on competing ideas related to the theme of the conference. Our goal is to have discussions that will help develop a more effective way to strengthen the Kurdish national integrity.

We look forward to your joining us in the conference on April 29-30 in Calgary, Canada. For updates please check our website at: 


Board of directors,

Kurdish National Congress of North America

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