Appeal to the world to stop Iran’s aggression

Systemic suppression of any voice of dissent has been the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran for three decades. Anyone who opposes this policy is risking his or her life. Many Kurds have been opposing the Islamic Republic of Iran from its inception and have become targets of aggression by the regime.

In May 2010 the regime hanged another five dissidents, four of whom were of Kurdish origin. On June 29, 2010 Human Right Watch reported that the following 17 other Kurds are facing execution by the Iranian regime: Zeynab Jalalian, Rostam Arkia, Hossein Khezri, Anvar Rostami, Mohammad Amin Abdolahi, Ghader Mohammadzadeh, Habibollah Latifi, Sherko Moarefi, Mostafa Salimi, Hassan Tali, Iraj Mohammadi, Rashid Akhkandi, Mohammad Amin Agoushi, Ahmad Pouladkhani, Sayed Sami Hosseini, Sayed Jamal Mohammadi, and Aziz Mohammadzadeh.

In addition to internal suppression, the Islamic Republic is engaged in cross border aggression. The Los Angeles Times reported on June 27, 2010 that Iran followed Turkey in bombing the Qandil mountain area and causing more than 650 Kurdish families to leave their villages and live in primitive conditions without shelter or sufficient food. 

We at the Kurdish National Congress of North America are very concerned about the persistence and escalation of aggression by the Islamic Republic against the Kurds. We appeal to the United States, the European Union, the United Nations and the rest of the international community to do every thing in their capacity to stop the aggression of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We urge them to pressure Iran to have a peaceful negotiation with the Kurds monitored by the free world.

Public Relations

Kurdish National Congress of North America 

Date published: Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Board of Directors: 

Dr. Kamal Artin, President, Mr. Issa Mosa, Vice President, Mr. Nyma Ardalan, Secretary, Mr. Dyari Ahmed, Treasurer, Mr. Luqman Barwari, Mrs. Muazaz Aziz, Mrs. Soraya Fallah, Mr. Ihsan Efrini

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