Iranian theocratic regime continues to execute Kurds

News from the KNC Public Relations Committee

Kurdish National Congress of North America 


contact: Azad Moradian 

According to several Reliable Human Rights Organizations in Iran, Ehsan (Esma’il) Fattahian (also spelled Fattahiyan) – a Kurdish political activist in Iran has been held at Sanandaj central prison. The Iran Judiciary informed the Court in Sanandaj and confirmed Wednesday, November 11, 2009 as the date for executing Mr. Fattahian. Mr. Fatahian’s attorney has also been informed that he has to be present at the gallows when his client is executed. According to our sources, despite his illness, Mr. Fattahian is still on hunger strike in protest to the court’s decision. Other political prisoners in Sanandaj prison are also on hunger strike for fear that they might face a similar fate. 

Mr. Ehsan Fattahian has been imprisoned and held in solitary confinement for the past 18 months. During his imprisonment he has endured various kinds of severe torture and humiliation. It is important to note that previously the Court had decided to incarcerate him for 10 years, but, the same Court, later sentenced him to death. (For more information regarding Ehsan please look at the following links –   –  –   )

There are 16 other Kurdish political activists who have received death sentences without any valid charges against them. According to Kurdish human rights observers, two other Kurdish civil activists, Mr. Habib Ollah Latifi and Mr. Shirko Ma’rofi are also awaiting their death sentences and might be executed in next a few weeks. 

We at the Kurdish National Congress of North America ask all the democratic governments of the world and urges all International Human Rights organizations including UN Human Rights Council, The European Committee of Human Rights, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International to act on their moral responsibilities and prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from carrying out the death sentences of Mr. Fattahian and other Kurdish civilians inmates who had been striving to promote civil society in Iran. We urge the international community to voice its concern against the Iranian repressive policies and encourage the Iranian authorities to respect human rights and promote democratic principles. 

Date published: Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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