The Future of Kurdistan: Thinking like a Nation (21st Annual Conference)

March 27-28, 2009

The Legacy Hotel and Meeting Centre

Rockville, Maryland, USA

Conference Proceedings – Panels and Speakers  

Friday, March 27, 2009   
1:00 pm Mrs. Muazaz AminWelcoming Remarks
1:30 pmFlag Raising Ceremony Singing Kurdish National Anthem: Ay Raqib 
2:00 pm Kurdish Youth Organizations Moderator: Ms. Sheinei Saleem Ms. Zeen Al-Missouri, Kurdish American Youth Organization (KAYO) Ms. Silov Barwari, KAYO San Diego chapter president 
3:00 pm Dr. Goran Sabir Health: Factors in Measuring Good Governance of a New Nation  
•  3:30 pm General Assembly: KNC Affairs Moderator: Mr. Tom Ver Ploeg Proposed Constitutional Amendments The State of the KNC: Dr. Kirmanj Gundi Q & A: Open Floor for members 
Saturday, March 28, 2009  
        •    8:30 am Mr. Tom VerWelcome and Opening Remarks 


Conference Chair: 

  • 8:40 am Mr. Rebwar       Letter from Secretary General of KDPI  Salimi
  • 8:50 am Mr. Aref Ahmadi  Independence Party of Kurdistan – Kurdish Struggle for Independence 
8:55am Letters of Congratulation to KNC Mr. Kamran Balnour, KDP (Iran) Mr. Zagros Yazdanpanah, PAK Mr. Gharani Ilkhanizadeh, Komala Party 
9:10 am Mr. Samuel Jordan Amnesty International Remarks
9:35 am Halabja/Anfal Panel Moderator: Mr. Shwan Karim Mr. Ken McCallion: Progress and Legal Proceedings Mrs. Muazaz Amin Dr. Kirmanj Gundi 
10:00 am Dr. Clyde Snow Forensic Expert Bones of Contention: 1991/92 Forensic Anthropological Investigation of Kurdish Victims of the Anfal Campaign 
10:25 am Kurdish-Canadian Panel Moderator: Mr. Issa Mosa Dr. Fereydoon Rahmani: Greater Toronto Kurdish House Mr. Mark M. Persaud: Canadian Int’l Peace Project, Oleron Global Group 
10:50 am Mr. Aram Hamparian Armenian National Committee Kurdish-American Advocacy: Grassroots make the difference 
11:00 am Dr. Kirmanj Gundi KNC Presidential Address: The Future of Kurdistan: Thinking like a Nation 
11:20 am Dr. Mahmud Osman Challenges before the Kurdish Nation and the Quest for Federalism in Iraq  
  • 11:45 am History Panel Moderator: Mr. Brusk


Dr. Rebwar Fattah: History of Media & its Impact on Nation Bldg

Mr. Murat Kilinc: Exile Kurdish Communities of

Middle Anatolia

Mr. Tosine Reshid: Ezidism and Ezidis in former

Soviet Republics

  • 1:15 pm Mr. Luqman Barwari 

Mr. Mustefa Rechid: Current Situation of Kurds in Kurdistan-Syria 

Update, Letters of Congratulations from Kurdistan-


1:30 pm Language Panel          Mr. Newzad Hirori: The Status of Northern Dialect Moderator: Mr. Luqman         (Kurmanci Bakur) in Kurdistan-Iraq and the Current Barwari                                   Trends to Standardize the Kurdish Language Dr. Rebwar Fattah Mr. Murat Kilinc: History of the Kurdish Language. 
2:30 pm Current Situation in Dr. Mahmud Osman, Situation in Kurdistan-Iraq
Kurdistan Moderator: Dr. Azad Moradian Mr. Sherif Behrouz, KDPI, Situation in KurdistanIran Mr. Mustafa Rechid, Situation in Kurdistan-Syria 
3:15 pm Letters of Congratulations Mr. Kamaran Abdullah, CHAK 
3:20 pm Women and Leadership Panel Moderator: Ms. Soraya Fallah Ms. Susan Shahab Nouri, Member of Kurdistan Parliament: “The Role of Education Reform in Thinking as a Nation” Ms. Kathryn Porter Dr. Sharon Linzey 
4:20 pm Former Presidents Panel Moderator: Dr. Kirmanj Gundi Dr. Asad Khailani Dr. Najmaddin Karim Dr. Fouad Darwesh Dr. Hikmat Fikrat 
5:30 pm Dr. Kamal Artin Satire : Mr. Sarbaxoee goes to EU 
Resolutions Resolutions of the 21st Annual Conference of the

Kurdish National Congress of North America 

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