Press Release regarding Rojava

The Kurdish National Congress of North America condemn President Trumps Hasty decision of withdrawal troops from Rozhava (northeastern Syria )abandoning the Kurds(The US main ground partners in fighting and defeating ISIS)that paved the road and gave Turkey green light for long planning to invade the liberated Kurdish territory from terrorist ,that will leads to destruction of the democratic autonomous societies established in the midst of the war in Syria. 

Kurds living on their homeland fought very hard in the last few years for their existence, more than 11000 sacrificed their lives ,more than 24000 injured in war against terrorist organization. Turkey’s offensive will creates a serious risk of “Humanitarian catastrophe” killing many people ,destroying villages, cities in Kurdish area, leads to new wave of hundreds of thousand new refugees, and creates a vacuum that ISIS will resurge. 

We don’t believe those democratic autonomous areas established by Kurds on their homeland in northeast of Syria (Southern border of Turkey) in any way are terror corridor. The government of Turkey plans to destroy all, and create 250 mile long buffer zone on Syrian side(northeastern Syria/Kurdish area) and resettle 2 million Syrian refugees including radicals there . 

The Kurds determine that they will fight and would not give up the territory, and even if Turkey succeed in it’s plan it will create much more trouble and unrest to that corridor for years to come. 

We call upon President Trump to reverse his decision and interfere with Turkey’s plan of Invasion which leads to catastrophic consequences, and we call on policy makers in this country and European Countries to interfere and stop Turkey’s offence and plan of changing demography and resettling millions of people in Kurdish area before getting too late. 

We hope all help and mediate to find a peaceful solution for long suffering people in that area 

Dr. Ibrahim Salih

President of KNCNA 

Oct. 8, 2019