October 2010 Newsletter

The new board of director of KNC-NA was elected on June 

DFW International Alliance Community held an event in 6, 2010. The new board is reaching out to every democratic 

which 21 mayors form the Greater Dallas area participated. organization and individual who is interested in promoting 

Different nations from around the world carried their flag in the Kurdish cause in North America. In order for all of us to 

a parade. Kurdistan was represented by the local Kurdish make a difference together, we need your involvement via 

community. The president of KNC-NA joined the active participation, financial contribution, and feedbacks. 

community for the event and informed the organizers about We will update you via our website www.kncna.org or 

the challenges the mayors in Kurdistan face to serve their newsletter such as this. Following is a summary of our 

constituents. KNC-NA Letter to the mayors can be found at: activities since June 6, 2010. 

http://kncna.net/20100826-LetterToGDMayors.pdf August 24, 2010, board meeting 

October 13, 2010, Board meeting 

August 14, 2010, Delil’s Concert: 

October 06, 2010, Statement on 48th Anniversary of 

On August 14th, 2010, Delil Dilanar, a rising star of the Extraordinary discrimination against Syrian Kurds: 

Kurdish classical music, had a concert in Los Angles. 20101006-PRAnniversarySyrianKurds.pdf 

According to Dr. Amir Shrifi, a linguist in Southern California, Delils’ musical style transcends contemporary 

September 20, 2010, Board meeting 

Kurdish musical traditions with his quest for and revival of stylistic variations of Dengbeji ballads ranging from, epic 

September 12, 2010, Invitation to KPD’s anniversary in San Diego 

(lawiks), melancholic (heyrans), joyful (dilok/ narink), to religious (lawje) ballads. 

KNC-NA was invited to the 64th anniversary of KDP in San Diego on September 12, 2010. Members of the board of directors participated in the event and congratulated the organizers. 

Few local musicians in Southern Californian such as Murat, Afshin, Jack, Sheyda, Nidar, and Majid accompanied Delil. The secretary of the Kurdish National Congress of North America (KNC-NA), Mr. Nyma Ardalan, asked the audience about the concert. Everyone he spoke too was impressed http://kncna.net/20100912-LetterToKDP.pdf 

with Delir’s command of his art. Although the event was organized independently, the chair of the public relations committee of KNC-NA, Mr. Luqman Berwari, was the main September 11, 2010, Interview with Voice of 

force behind it. Luqman exceptional dedication to the America related to the tragedy of 911 

Kurdish cause is of great value to our community. 

http://www.voanews.com/kurdish/news/kamal- 102697464.html 

August 3, 2010, Board meeting September 3, 2010, Letter to president Carter about EUTCC: 

July 31, 2010, KNC-NA delegate meets Professor Fertig, the president of Humanitarian Law Project: http://kncna.net/20100903LetterToPresidentCarter.pdf 

20100731-PRKNC-NAandHLPMeeting.pdf August 28, 2009, meeting the Kurdish community in Dallas: 

July 31, 2010, Diane Edgecomb Performance: KNC-NA president met with the members of the Kurdish community in Dallas and exchanged ideas about further cooperation among various organizations and personalities for promoting our common cause. 

Diane Edgecomb, an award winning writer and storyteller, had a remarkable performance in Los Angles on July 31, 2010. Diane began collecting Kurdish stories in 1990 to August 27, 2010, Mark Levine interviews KNC-NA: 

prevent a treasure form disappearing. She first visited 

http://radioinsidescoop.com/?p=6818 August 26, 2010 participation at DFW International Alliance: 

Kurdish refuges in Diaspora and later traveled to North Kurdistan to complete “The Kurdish Story Collection Project”. She finished the first part of her work and published it in her book “A fire in My Heart”, a treasure and 


Board of Directors: Dr. Kamal Artin, President; Mr. Issa Mosa, Vice President; Mr. Nyma Ardalan; Secretary; Mr. Dyari Ahmed; Treasurer; Mr. Luqman Barwari, PR Committee; Mrs. Muazaz Aziz, Halabja Committee; Mr. Ihsan Efrini 

Kurdish National Congress of North America 

P.O.Box 50216, Irvine, CA 92619, www.kncna.org Newsletter, October 2010 

a valuable reference for educators, storytellers, and folklorists interested in Kurdish culture. The president and secretary of KNC-NA attended the performance and expressed much appreciation for Daine’s contribution to preserving the Kurdish culture. The delegate also answered questions of a very interested American Audience about the status of the Kurds and the violation of human rights by the states that control different parts of Kurdistan. 

July 25, 2010, KAES memorial ceremony for Dr. Vera Saeedpour: 

Dr. Vera Saeedpour, the founder and director of the Kurdish library passed on May 30th 2010. Dr. Saeedpur was married to late Homayoun Saeedpour, a scholar from Eastern Kurdistan . After the passing of Homayoun, Vera dedicated her life to preserving Kurdish culture. Kurdish American Education Society (KAES) held a memorial ceremony for Dr. Vera Saeedpour on July 25, 2010. The KNC-NA president and the chair of public relations committee attended the ceremony and pointed out what cultural similarities had brought Vera and Homayoun together. They appreciated the valuable and unique contribution of Dr. Saeedpour, and also expressed condolences to the family members of the deceased as well as the organizers of the ceremony. 

July 22, 2010, KNC-NA Meeting with the Iranian Prince Mr. Reza Pahlavi: 


July 18, 2010, Board meeting 

July 13, 2010, KNC-NA letter to President Obama: (Copies to Vice President and Secretary of State) 


July 12, 2010 KNC-NA meets Alberta Premier Mr. Ed Stelmach: 

The KNC-NA vice president met with Alberta Premier Mr. Ed Stelmach during the premier annual stampede breakfast MacDougal Centre in Calgary on July 12, 2010. 

He presented our organization’s goals and thanked the Premier on behalf of the KNC-NA board of directors for any potential support of the Kurdish cause. 

July 06, 2010, Press Release on the Aggression of Iranian Regime: 


June25, 2010, Press Release on Human Rights violations in Syria: 


June 19, 2010, KNC-NA letter to Mr. Ignatief, the leader of the Canadian Liberal Party: 


June 18, 2010, Board meeting 

June 15, 2010Letter form EUTCC to KNC-NA: 


June 4-6, 2010, 22nd KNC-NA Annual Conference: 

On June 4-6 KNC-NA held its 22nd Annual Conference at San Diego State University, San Diego, CA. The agenda and list of the speakers of the conference can be found at: 

http://www.kncna.net/20100604- 22ndAnnualConfernceaAenda.pdf The conference ended on June 6, 2010 and released its resolutions that can be found at: 

http://www.kncna.net/20100607- ResolutionsofKNC22ndConference.pdf At the end of the conference the new directors of the board were elected: 

http://www.kncna.net/20100607- NewsKNCelctionrusults.pdf 


Board of Directors: Dr. Kamal Artin, President; Mr. Issa Mosa, Vice President; Mr. Nyma Ardalan; Secretary; Mr. Dyari Ahmed; Treasurer; Mr. Luqman Barwari, PR Committee; Mrs. Muazaz Aziz, Halabja Committee; Mr. Ihsan Efrini 

June 28, 2010, Board meeting

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