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Summery of 27th KNC Annual Conference 2015 Toronto, ON

Dear Members and Followers, It was a pleasure to see all those that had attended the 27th Kurdish National Congress of North America (KNC) Annual Conference on October 10th and 11th 2015 in Toronto, Ontario and want to thank those that were invited to speak at the event as well. This year’s theme for the conference…



    The Kurdish National Congress of North America (KNC) is a non-profit, member-driven organization representing Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan living in the United States and Canada. The KNC was founded in 1988, soon after Iraqi chemical weapons attacks on Halabja and other Kurdish cities and villages.

    Its objective is to unite Kurds living in North America to work for common goals, to promote the idea of a United Free Kurdistan, and to strengthen the voice of all Kurds living in the USA and Canada. The KNC is a democratic organization. Its president and board of directors are elected by the members and the organization is governed by a set of by-laws. The KNC encourages open discussion of issues, free speech, and active participation in leadership by its members.





    January 13, 2013: KNC-NA call for a thorough investigation into the assassination of three Kurdish women activists in Paris:

    PR Paris Assassinations 

    Dec 27, 2012: Letter to Mr. Yuksel regaridng the loss of BDP parliament member Mr. Serafettinn Elçi.

    Letter To Mr. Yuksel

    Nov 12-13: Solidarity with Hunger Strike in LA:

    Hunger Strike


    Nov 5, 2012: KNC-NA PR on Hunger Strike in North Kurdistan:



    Kurdish American Advocacy group has released a PR, and a petition is also on line for everyone to sign. Please see the attached file for the PR, and use this link to access the petition:


    Here is the Turkish Consulate address:

    6300 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA


    KNC-NA Bylaws can be found at: http://www.kncna.net/20100606-kncnaBylaws